Coach Tiffany Taylor

Host, Holistic Productivity Coach

Need Some Help with Time Management?

  • You wear multiple hats in your business and have multiple roles in life. You might have a full-time job and a side hustle. You might be continuing your education while running your business. You might a solo-preneur or have a small team as well as a volunteer role, relationship, & family obligations. In other words, you're doing "all-the-things"

  • Your mind is constantly buzzing with things you need to do. You're still using a To-Do List, planner, or mental notes to remember what to do. You have a hard time focusing when you need to switch roles in your mind.

  • Your workflow consists of switching between frantically putting out fires and constantly trying to figure out which to-do to cross off next. You feel like you're "never not working," yet still don't see the progress you want from your efforts.


  • You wake up to an alarm clock every day and struggle to fall asleep or get enough sleep. You've struggled to keep a consistent schedule or routine on your own and important aspects of your health and self-care are being neglected. 


  • You have a digital calendar, but only use it for work or meetings. Or, you have multiple calendars, but they don't talk to each other /aren't connected. Inevitably, you're overbooked, always rushing, late or miss meetings all together. 

The workshop was great because it helped me realize how much I've been ignoring the importance of sleep and exercise on my energy and focus. The course made it really simple to come up with a new strategy for making a schedule that kept the most important items in front of me daily and make an energy focused schedule.

Andrew Clarke, Founder of Expanding Wallet

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Get the blueprint for a successful scheduling practice & learn how to integrate Biohacking in your routine for optimal focus & mental wealth.



Shift From Stressed to Structure + Flow

In this signature, 2 hour workshop, you'll learn:

  • 3 Simple & Powerful Steps to overcoming Scheduling Stress

  • The cost/benefit analysis of scheduling methods ranging from to-do lists to planners and digital calendars

  • The  stage-by-stage breakdown on how to create an optimized, highly-effective digital calendar system

  • The exact process for implementing an upgraded scheduling system successfully - from the first try!

  • How and why to start tracking your biometrics so you can start  leveraging your body's natural rhythms for increased energy, focus and productivity. I'll even tell you which metrics to start tracking & how to pivot with the data.

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Hi, I'm Coach Tiffany!

I help those who are spinning one-too-many plates at once create and optimize the flexible structure they desire by integrating biohacking, time management & traditional life and mindset coaching. 


I know what it's like to live the fast life, working over 60+ hours per week and still feel like you're not getting anywhere. I know what it's like to give your all to your business and still feel like you're  treading water. As someone who tested in the 98th percentile for anxiety, I understand that stress makes your ability to perform so. much. harder.


As someone who's also been diagnosed with both ADHD and Panic Attack Disorder and as someone who faced physiological burnout in the hospital by age 22, I thoroughly understand the consequences of neglecting your mental and physical health while laser-focused on your goals. 


I teach entrepreneurs and multi-passionate professionals how to achieve consistent measurable growth by implementing a holistic scheduling system built to reduce stress, increase productivity & align with them energetically.

Thank you so much for this training, Tiffany! I learned so much. Biggest takeaway is to schedule my tasks for energy in, energy out instead of three big energy out tasks in a row! That will be a huge change for me and I know will help me a lot.

Heather Rameau

Healthcare Revenue Cycle & Patient Experience Consultant


Tiffany, you have provided a huge amount of value and education for all of us! This training was full of actionable, life changing tactics that actually make space and allow joy to move into our lives! My favorite tip was putting the top three items at the top of my day, and color coding the self care items. Thank you for time and sharing your expertise with us!

Kristen Day

Digital Marketing + Online Business Strategist

Thank you so much Tiffany. Awesome training! This reinforces a lot of what I do too but something new is the colour coding based on your energy and what gives you the most energy. I'm going to slowly implement this too. Genius idea! Thank you!!!

Jeanne Agius

Holistic Health Coach

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